Our parent company, Northern States Metals, opened for business in 1972. It began developing aluminum-extruded industrial products and served various industries, including medical, military, and automotive. In 1997 the company diversified and began to manufacture frames for solar panels, which led to the development of aluminum solar mounting clamps in 2008. We didn’t stop there, and in 2009, the Solar FlexRack was born.  Keeping with our innovative spirit, in 2011, we acquired the Opel technology for a single axis tracker and completely redesigned it to achieve a lower overall balance of system cost.

From then we decided that we wanted to become the trusted advisor for all geotech reporting, push/pull testing, and field services as well as mounting systems, so we hired several key team members that were the best in the industry in 2012.  We have only grown since then and are now one of the leading engineering services and solar mounting companies in North America.  In 2014 we came out with our X Series racking system which has lowered the overall project costs by leaps and bounds. We are proud to announce that we are quickly approaching 1GW of solar installations in North America and are expanding operations internationally.  

Original FlexRack Series G1L unfolding at 16MW Blue Wing project in TX, 2010.