This New Coating Could Allow Solar Panels to Convert Sunlight From Any Angle

January 7th, 2016

photovotaic efficiency

The search for ever-increasing efficiency in Solar panels continues apace.  Innovations like the Solar FlexRack TDP  Tracker are currently available to help improve efficiency – significantly  in certain circumstances. As a moving rack (that allows solar panels to “track” the sun throughout the sky), solar trackers increase the average energy generated by solar panels and […]

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Solar Panels Could Now Be As Affordable As Fossil Fuels

October 29th, 2015

solar racking

Solar energy is just as useful as energy derived from fossil fuels, except it’s cleaner to use and it’s renewable. The only thing stopping the world from using solar energy instead of fossil fuel-based energy is the cost factor—up until now, fossil fuel derived energies (including gas, oil, and coal energy production processes) have been […]

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Solar Panels in a Can Are More Likely Than You Might Think

October 1st, 2015

For decades, traditional silicon-based solar panels have been too cost prohibitive to install on large scales for many consumers. New racking and mounting technology, like those designed and offered by Solar FlexRack, have come a long way in maximizing solar panel production efficiency while minimizing installation costs, but there’s a limit to how cheaply the […]

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Are Photovoltaic Solar Panels Being Threatened By Other Forms of Solar Power?

June 11th, 2015

Most people refer to solar energy as any type of usable electric power that’s generated, directly or indirectly, by the sun. Solar rays are captured, processed, and converted into energy; this is true, but there are actually multiple ways to accomplish this. The most common form of solar power used today is photovoltaic (PV) solar […]

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