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Solar and Energy Storage Texas
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Date: TBD
Houston, TX

LEARN ABOUT Solar FlexRack’s
TDP 2.0 Turnkey Solar Tracker with BalanceTrac

Upgraded to become one of the toughest and most reliable single-axis solar trackers for commercial and utility-scale power plants, Solar FlexRack’s next-generation TDP 2.0 Turnkey Solar Tracker with BalanceTrac is built for reliability and performance.

TDP 2.0 Turnkey Solar Tracker Features:

  • Advanced design for higher performance
  • Reduced electric and mechanical BOS costs
  • Larger, more robust drive system allowing up to …33% larger table sizes
  • Compatible with current 1000V or 1500V modules
  • Rotational range of 110° (+/-55°)
  • Increased site flexibility
  • Durable design and materials
  • Best-in-class project support services

Schedule a meeting with a Solar FlexRack representative to see how the new tracker works, why it is a stronger and more reliable design and specifically how it can reduce your solar project costs.

ASES Solar 20/20
Solar FlexRack is ATTENDING
June 23-26, 2020
Washington, DC

Solar Power International
Solar FlexRack is EXHIBITING, Visit Booth 3620
September 14-17, 2020
Anaheim, CA

Solar FlexRack is EXHIBITING
October 12-13, 2020
Minneapolis, MN

Solar and Energy Storage Midwest
Solar FlexRack is EXHIBITING
November 5-6, 2020
Chicago, IL

Electricity Transformation Canada
Solar FlexRack is EXHIBITING, Visit Booth #709
November 10-12, 2020
Toronto, Ontario

Solar and Energy Storage New York
Solar FlexRack is ATTENDING
December 12-13 2020
Albany, NY

Intersolar North America
Solar FlexRack is EXHIBITING, Visit Booth #1703
January 12-14th, 2021
Long Beach, CA