Landfills no longer a waste. Flex, rack and roll.

The FlexRack Series B, its latest ground mount system for installing ballasted PV solar on landfills, brownfields and water-saturated terrain where no, or little soil penetration is allowed. 


  • Economical shipping- pre-assembled two piece form
  • Requires only four screws for form assembly. Form assembly in under 3 minutes with 2 people
  • Posts are set plumb prior to pouring concrete for ease of installation
  • Customizable block size allows form to always be filled to the top
  • Ability to level posts after form is
    set for tolerances in installation
  • Internal bracing eliminates need for
    construction shoring or additional bracing requirements
  • Form is a customized roll form
    shape to optimize size
    and reduce wasted material
  • Utilizes same two support system
    benefits as pre-cast solution


  • Lower concrete and steel costs and lower array profile possible 
  • Loads are transferred to the concrete ballast block with two supports instead of one, meaning that, depending upon load conditions, lighter concrete blocks are needed for ballasting
  • The two-support system makes a front-back, or split, ballast block arrangement possible. With this ballast layout using two smaller blocks, lighter lifting machinery can be used when low bearing pressure requirements exist on the job site.
  • The ballasted mounting system is compatible with all Solar FlexRack ground racking systems, which are either pre-assembled at the factory, or field assembled
  • Fewer components and fasteners, reducing material costs for steel
  • Designed for various ground clearances, the system makes possible a lower profile for the PV panel array layouts