Our clips are the small details that make our frameworks sound. Custom-designed to fit any framed or frame-less module, Solar FlexRack is the expert in solar panel clip design with millions of clips sold. SFR offers an industry leading ISO 9001 approved highly automated efficient economical clip production manufacturing facility.


  • Range of module thickness available from 30mm – 50mm with no additional tooling or set up charges
  • Custom designed to accommodate any framed module
  • Module end clips and mid clips available
  • One piece custom aluminum clip for ease of installation
  • Available for sale direct to consumer with or without racking system
  • Compatible with any racking system or custom designed


  • Used on most thin-film modules with a wide range of lengths available
  • Can be sold separately from the Solar FlexRack system 
  • All hardware pre-assembled on the clip
  • No need to handle nuts and bolts in the field
  • EPDM insert pre-assembled on the clip to protect the thin-film module. Other insulator materials available as well
  • Can be supplied for roof-mount structures requiring UL approval
  • Certified by First Solar, Trina Solar, and Canadian Solar. More than 40 million First Solar clips sold
  • UL-approved clips for both schools and commercial roofs available

Product Images

SFR FS-4 End Clip

SFR FS-4 Mid Clip