New TDP™ 2.0 Turnkey Solar Tracker
With BalanceTrac

New BalanceTrac Technology Takes Solar FlexRack’s TDP Trackers to the Next Level of Performance.

* TDP is a trademark of Solar FlexRack.

TDP 2.0 Turnkey Trackers

Includes Tough, Reliable Trackers &

a Team of Experts at Your Service

The new TDP 2.0 Turnkey Tracker is bundled with industry-leading project support services for commercial and utility-scale solar installations. Solar FlexRack’s next-generation solar tracker with BalanceTrac introduces advanced design features that enable solar power generation plants to increase energy yield while significantly reducing project risks. That translates to smart installation cost-savings across your project budget.

How Solar FlexRack’s New TDP 2.0 Turnkey Solar Tracker Increases Yield & Reduces Costs:

  • More modules per row (up to 90)
  • Rotational range of up to 120° (± 60°)
  • Optimized for 1000 and 1500V solar modules
  • Lower per-unit fixed costs for balance of system savings
  • Allows shorter piles
  • Programmable technology to mitigate inclement climatic conditions
  • Fly installation with no prying, adjusting or special tools
  • Built to last, the robust design reduces the amount of tracker components and wear
  • Independent tables increase design flexibility to maximize land use
  • Smart backtracking reduces row shading to optimize energy production
  • Independently driven rows provide easy access for mowing, cleaning and other maintenance

“We selected Solar FlexRack TDP Trackers based on our previous successful experience with Solar FlexRack, and especially because of the great turnkey services packaged with the product ensuring a smooth installation. Once again, we were not disappointed.”

A New Level of Performance as Solar FlexRack’s Proven Tracker Technology Advances

  • More Modules Per Row
    TDP 2.0’s new BalanceTrac design delivers elegant efficiency in installation. With longer tables supporting up to 90 solar modules per row, a rotational range of up to 120°, and optimized to 1,000 and 1500V modules, Solar FlexRack TDP 2.0 Tracker with BalanceTrac offers a robust, high performance tracking solution.
  • Installations Fly with Solar FlexRack
    No special equipment or additional steps required to square your racking, our racking allows modules to easily slide into place. The ease of installation of Solar FlexRack’s proprietary design safeguards modules from prying or applying pressure that could lead to damage such as microcracking, frame breakage or disconnection of cell string ribbons.
  • Greater Adjustability Maximizes Performance
    Independently driven rows provide easy access for mowing, cleaning and other maintenance. Autonomous tables increase design flexibility to maximize ground coverage on regular, irregular or non-adjacent lots. Programmable granular backtracking, snow shedding and new wind dampener technology mitigate inclement climatic events, reduce risk of tracker damage and increase system performance.

Central Trackers Land Usage

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TDP™ Turnkey Tracker

Autonomous tables increase design flexibility to maximize ground coverage on regular, irregular, or  non-adjacent lots.


Upgraded for independent row control, TDP 2.0 Tracker’s new design increases the solar power plant’s overall energy yield with drilled down control capabilities.

Best-In-Class Support Services
Customers recognize our services team as the best in the business. Our world-class group of structural, geotechnical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, and project managers form the core of our team. We have designed solar foundations and racking for climates from Alaska to the Caribbean. The Solar FlexRack team bring their in-depth knowledge and experience to bear to provide you with the most structurally stable and cost efficient foundation and solar mounting or solar tracker solution per project.


Solar FlexRack Tracker’s backtracking feature increases energy yield.

Solar FlexRack TDP 2.0 Turnkey Solar Tracker bundles it’s next-generation robust tracker technology with its best-in-class support services to deliver reduced project risks and costs.

Reduced Costs
Combine all of TDP 2.0 Trackers’ features and Solar FlexRack’s dedicated support services, and you’ve got the solution that reduces your project risks and translates to smart installation cost-savings across your project budget.

Service and Support

Solar FlexRack has supplied quality metal structural products for more than 40 years, and more than 1 GW of tracking and mounting structures for photovoltaics.

We also offer an industry-leading warranty. Download the TDP Turnkey Tracker Datasheet to learn more…

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