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Holdrege Solar Center, 5 MW

Solar plant outside of Lincoln, Nebraska is installed with Solar FlexRack’s TDP Turnkey Tracker.

Meet the most powerful solution for mounting panels:
TDP Turnkey Trackers and Solar FlexRack’s full suite of project services and support for commercial and utility scale solar installations.

From your preliminary layout and design, through geotechnical engineering, construction and commissioning, and for the life of the system, TDP Turnkey Trackers provide a reliable solution that reduces installation time and cuts operations and maintenance costs.

Solar FlexRack’s decades of solar experience and unmatched team of experts are at your service.

TDP Turnkey Trackers are the only tracker solution with full geotechnical, design, installation and commissioning services.

“ Solar FlexRack’s racking products, management, and engineering deliver the best value. ”

The Only Tracker Solution With:

Full Design – Installation – Commissioning Services

TDP Tracker Solution Features

Small Drive Block Maximizes Land Use

TDP Trackers’ small drive blocks enable up to 40% reduction in land use, and even bigger reductions on irregular lots and non-adjacent lots.

Central Trackers Land Usage

Other trackers

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TDP™ Turnkey Tracker


Distributed Drive Reduces Operations And Maintenance Costs

TDP Trackers have no mechanical components between rows, allowing easy access for mowers, cleaning services and other project maintenance.

10% North-South Slope

TDP Trackers can conform to the terrain, eliminating the need to level land and reducing project costs and time.

Smart Backtracking Maximizes Energy Production

TDP trackers can be programmed based on the terrain, to optimize MWh production. Trackers on east-facing slopes get more early morning sun, and trackers on west-facing slopes get more in the late afternoon, increasing the plant’s overall energy yield.


Solar FlexRack Tracker’s backtracking feature increases energy yield.

Complete Service Offering Reduces Project Costs And Risks

A tracker solution that comes with all the critical associated services – and an unmatched team of experts – will dramatically reduce your total cost. Project management is simplified, redundancies are eliminated, and you have one supplier instead of many.

“Supportive in every aspect from the engineering to the install, Solar FlexRack’s services were by far the best we have ever experienced.”

Ben Searl
Construction Manager

Service and Support

Solar FlexRack has supplied quality metal structural products for more than 40 years, and more than 1 GW of tracking and mounting structures for photovoltaics.

We also offer an industry-leading warranty. Download the TDP Turnkey Tracker Datasheet to learn more…

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