Sierra Nevada Cheese Project

250kW Single-Axis Tracker

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Blue Wing Solar Project

16MW Fixed Tilt Ground Mount (Thin-Film Clips)

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New Jersey Meadowland’s Kearny Landfill

3MW Ballasted Ground Mount

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enerG Station™ Solar Project

340kW Fixed Tilt Ground Mount

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Project: Camilla and Camp
Customer: Origis Energy
Location: Camilla and Woodbury, GA
Size: 23.5MW

Project Highlights:

  • Second largest solar installation in the state of GA.
  • Will deliver clean solar energy to Georgia Power, the largest subsidiary of Southern Company, one of the nation’s largest generators of electricity, under the utility’s Large-Scale Solar Initiative.
  • Commissioned in December 2013, the solar installations use 78,160 solar photovoltaic panels to generate enough power annually for nearly 6,000 homes. The green energy production of the solar plants will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 27,000 tons each year.

Project: Sierra Nevada Cheese Tracker Project
Customer: Granite Bay Energy
Location: Willows, CA
Size: 250 kW


  • The installation includes 774 NESL 290 watt solar panels and will produce 468,994 kWh of power yearly, offsetting 50% of the Sierra Nevada Cheese Company’s energy needs. The system saves the equivalent not generating 38,384 tons of CO2 and not driving 95,960,000 miles.
  • “This was a highly challenging location for a solar installation. The site was triangular-shaped and included several different levels of terrain,” noted Granite Bay Energy President, Holli Tamas. “The Solar FlexRack Tracker system has a modular design that simplifies dealing with terrain obstacles and uneven topography. This flexibility meant that we could install a single-axis tracking system to optimize energy production.”

Project: Blue Wing Solar Project
Customer: juwi Solar
Location: San Antonio, TX
Size: 16MW


The 16-megawatt Blue Wing Solar Project is projected to generate over 25,000 megawatt hours of electricity each year, supplying electricity to 1,800 homes annually. In July of 2009, CPS Energy agreed to purchase all of the electricity generated by the project for a thirty year period. The Blue Wing Solar Project required 214,500 First Solar photovoltaic modules. The project was designed, developed and permitted by Boulder, Colorado-based juwi solar Inc. In early 2010, Duke Energy Generation Services purchased the 16-megawatt project from juwi solar and entered into a separate agreement for juwi solar to provide turnkey engineering, procurement and construction services for the project.


  • Site oriented 25 degrees west of south
  • Difficult to optimize capacity and layout at due south
  • Standard design practices suggest orienting west of south will reduce generation
  • 4.9% more global horizontal irradiance after solar noon compared to before solar noon.
  • Clouds typical before noon but burns off by noon in San Antonio
  • Optimal orientation for San Antonio is 10 degrees west of south
  • Orienting the arrays 25 degrees west of south results in only a reduction in generation compared to due south (~2.0% is typical)

Blue Wing Solar Plant Summary

  • 16.1 MW DC
  • 215,000 First Solar modules
  • First 1000 VDC System in Texas
  • Used 2 standard building blocks
  • Fixed arrays with a 20 degree tilt
  • 25 degree west of south azimuth
  • 8.5 feet row to row spacing

Project: Maywood Solar Farm
Customer: Hanwha Q-Cells
Location: Maywood, Indiana
Size: 10.86 MW


  • The project has been built on a Superfund project. The site previously hosted wood treatment operations which contaminated the ground and underground water with chemicals. The site was classified a Superfund site by the EPA and has undergone previous remediation efforts.
  • The challenge during construction was that previous remediation efforts had to be preserved. In that purpose, Hanwha Q CELLS and partners had to minimize soil movements.
  • The primary reason Solar FlexRack was selected for this project is that the chosen racking system featured the smallest number of piles needed, had the most adjustability to assist in avoiding potential ground-based obstacles, and was most adaptive to the potential use of alternative foundations to fit the site requirements.
  • The Solar FlexRack system helped with installation and specific site requirements by minimizing the number of piles required, thus contributing to the objective of minimizing soil disturbance. Since the site could not be completely leveled before installation of the solar modules, the adjustability feature was also critical in successfully securing the racking system on the ground.

Hanwha Q-Cells

Project: New Jersey Meadowland’s Kearny Landfill
Customer: SunDurance
Location: Kearny, NJ
Size: 3MW


  • Capped landfill with settling of more than 20 feet in some areas.
  • 2 x 13 Solar FlexRack Ground Mounts were used.
  • Liberal East-West and North-South tolerances were built-in to each Solar FlexRack sub-array though slotted connections on the horizontal rail and also the tilt bracket.
  • The tolerances allow for straight lines, providing a nice look for visitors, and some wiggle room when laying down ballast blocks.
  • The racking was noncontinuous, a selling point on an irregular landscape because it allowed the flattened areas to be smaller, requiring less fill.
  • Concrete ballast blocks, sized 2 feet by 8 feet.
  • SFR engineers had to keep the total system under 200 lbs./sq. feet, but it needed to counteract a 105 lbs./sq. feet wind load, a number higher than average because the installation was on a hill not far from the ocean.

Project: enerG Station Solar Project
Customer: ACE Solar LLC
Location: Cullman, AL
Size: 340 kW


  • The ACE, LLC SOLAR enerG•Station™ is a parallel / behind the meter product that places the client off-the-grid with a battery backup and energy distribution proprietary monitoring and control software. The system is completely housed in an 8′ x 40′ container on site. This is a “first of its kind” installation regarding the overall scope of the enerG•Station™ CB 340kW solar system.
  • There were very unique design & build aspects. The solar array that was built for the CB 340kW system required 1088 solar panels and 45 Solar FlexRacks. The wire management and logistical elements of the installation, alone, were challenging. Using the Solar FlexRack product helped immensely in handling the uniqueness of the overall project.
  • “The Solar FlexRack products we have been utilizing are cost-effective, durable, backed with a laudable guarantee and delivered in a timely manner. The benefits to us, as a company, our clients and the solar industry speak for themselves. We feel they are worthy of a 5 star rating.” – Chuck Boggs CEO ACE Solar LLC
  • The ACE, LLC SOLAR field crew found that the design and functionality of the Solar FlexRack product made the overall solar installation process almost effortless. The compact and flexible nature of the product was a perfect fit.

Project: Quabbin-Vernon Ave
Customer: Tecta Solar
Location: Barre, MA
Size: 2 MW


  • Tecta Solar’s 2-megawatt Vernon Avenue project, located in Barre, Massachusetts, uses 497 2×8 Solar FlexRack ground-mount racks. Of these, 277 racks hold Schuco 225W solar modules, while the remaining 220 racks use Suntech 280W modules.
  • Dean Iandoli, Managing Partner for Quabbin Solar and Barre Wool Solar, explains: “Our EPC contractor, Tecta Solar, introduced us to Solar FlexRack on our Quabbin Solar-Vernon Avenue project. After seeing the ease in which the crew put it together and the secure slot fitting for our modules, we insisted on Solar FlexRack for our current Barre Wool Solar project, which is a 1.76-megawatt solar farm. In fact, the Solar FlexRacks used on the Quabbin Solar project have already been through Hurricane Irene and withstood the high winds with utter ease.”

Project: CE King Airport
Customer: All Rounder Systems LLC
Location: St. Thomas, Virgin Islands
Size: 451 kW


  • All Rounder Systems LLC of St. Croix was the project manager for a 451KW solar farm at the CE King Airport in St. Thomas to supply electrical power to airport facility. The 129 2×7-panel Solar FlexRacks at this installation were certified for winds of 150 mph.
  • Steve Larchuk, CEO of All Rounder Systems, says “After visiting the factory and meeting with the engineering and manufacturing team, I was sold on the Solar FlexRack system. It has performed extremely well at our airport installation on St. Thomas, Virgin Islands.”
  • In a subsequent note, Larchuck reported “Hurricane Irene came through last night, and your racks took the 65 mph winds without a blink.”