I would like to take a moment to convey our thanks to Ryan Petruska and the rest of the folks at Solar Flex-Rack who help make this project a success story for Encore Electric, Inc. and the C.O.E. at the Fort Carson Army Base.

As with all projects, there are suppliers and manufacturers that perform better than others, and Solar Flex-Rack truly set the standard for others involved with the project. All aspects of the project went very smooth with no surprises. From the initial pricing through the design and shipping, the rack systems were one of the best parts of the project.

The rigid specifications were no trouble for solar Flex-Rack and the engineering team had no trouble meeting the 110 mph wind gust or the 30lbs. per square foot snow loads with driven support posts. The project’s demanding timeline was no challenge for Solar Flex-Rack and the product arrived exactly per schedule, not early or late – on time.

Solar Flex-Rack has proven to us that they are a truly valuable partner and we look forward to working together on future projects.

Steve Vallad
Preconstruction Manager, Encore Electric


We selected the Solar FlexRack because of its speed of installation, many innovative features and overall value. Because the racks can be erected so quickly and easily, the use of the Solar FlexRack definitely has a positive impact on the cost-per-watt of this project and also reduces our overall project risks related to site labour and weather.

Danny Marandola, P.Eng,
President, SunQuake Energy Corporation


I liked that the system was PE-certified to wind and snow loads, and the price was attractive, but what sold me was the installation time. After I watched the video of how the Solar FlexRack was packaged for shipment, and how it could unfold and install on a tilt bracket in several minutes, we decided to place an order for the Solar FlexRack. I was impressed with the customer service and their timely delivery of documents. I assigned Scott Steel, our production site construction manager, to the installation project.

Shane Fobes

Vice President, MW Solar


We knew the installation of a new solar PV system for this project would be a difficult one due to the rocky and sloped terrain. We chose Solar FlexRack because we wanted a product that would allow for a relatively easy and low-labor install. Thanks to the speed of the Solar FlexRack installation, our team has been able to reduce installation estimates on our other projects, giving us a competitive edge and leading to more projects in the future. We were also impressed with the customer service provided by everyone at Solar FlexRack.

Craig Davis
Project Manager, Melink Corporation


We selected the Solar Flexrack for our Phipps Conservatory Center for Sustainable Landscapes project in Pittsburgh and are very happy with the results. The racking is well designed, has a clean look when completed and was delivered on time. 

As promised, it was a big labor saver. This project was a ‘Living Building Challenge’ which is a difficult standard to meet. The Solar FlexRack team was great to work with, and made several design changes to comply with the program requirements. We are very happy we selected Solar Flexrack, and we intend to use them for future projects. 

Joe Morinville
Energy Independent Solutions


The Solar FlexRack Tracker system has a modular design that simplifies dealing with terrain obstacles and uneven topography. This flexibility meant that we could install a sing-axis tracking system to optimize energy production.

Holli Tamas

President, Granite Bay Energy


We had an operator bringing in the racks with an articulating forklift, and with four workers we were able to get 104 Solar FlexRacks unfolded, bolted and mounted in just three days. We had very little squaring to do after the fact. This rack self-squares with minor adjustments. We were also able to do the grounding on the rails with one person; this went very smoothly. And the system tray worked out very well for wire management. We were very pleased with how easily and quickly the Solar FlexRack came together.

Brian Gemberling
Project Manager, Calvi Electric Co.


After visiting the factory and meeting with the engineering and manufacturing team, I was sold on the Solar FlexRack system. It has performed extremely well at our airport installation. Not too long after the system came online, Hurricane Irene came through — and the Solar FlexRacks took the 65 mph winds without a blink.

Steve Larchuk
CEO, All Rounder Systems


During the planning stage of the Eagle Springs Solar Farm, seven designs were developed to compare various modules and racking systems before settling on a final design. The combination of the Solar FlexRack and ASP 390 Watt modules provides superior technology, performance and value compared to anything else on the market today.

Aaron Garret
Project Manager, Advanced Solar Photonics, LLC


Solar FlexRack stood out above the rest. It is a superior product with superior client support and proactive involvement in all aspects pertaining to their product implementation.

Chuck Boggs