How long has Solar FlexRack been in business?

Solar FlexRack has been in business since 2008. Our parent company, Northern States Metals, has been in business since 1972.

Does Solar FlexRack comply with Buy America ACT and Ontario Domestic Content Requirements?


Where are Solar FlexRack’s manufacturing facilities located?

  • Youngstown, Ohio (USA)
  • Phoenix, Arizona (USA)
  • Markham, Ontario (Canada)

Does Solar FlexRack sell direct or go through a distributor?

We sell direct. Contact us at 888-380-8138 (Canada: 613-366-2008). Or email us at

What certifications does Solar FlexRack hold?

The FlexRack Series G systems are all ETL-certified. And all of our Solar FlexRack products are manufactured in an ISO 9001-certified facility.

How many MW total has Solar FlexRack installed?

We have installed over 1 GW in North America.

What products does Solar FlexRack offer?

  • Fixed tilt ground racks
  • Ballasted solutions (pre-cast and cast in place)
  • Single-axis tracking systems
  • Clips for frameless modules
  • Multiple post options

What is your lead time?

Generally, our lead time for projects is 4 – 6 weeks for fixed racks and 10 – 12 weeks for tracking systems.

Do all of your Solar FlexRack systems work with any panel?

Yes, all of our systems can adapt to any framed module and custom designed systems for thin film modules and be accommodated as well.  Multiple configurations are also available to meet any sting size requried. Please contact us to find out more at 888-380-8138 US / Canada: 613-366-2008.  Or email us at

Can Solar FlexRack provide engineered drawings?

Yes. All of our designs come with a Stamped Drawing Package that also includes the foundation-design drawings.

Can Solar FlexRack provide pull testing?

Yes. It’s standard procedure for us to provide a pull-test program for site-specific post options. Our geologist gets the most accurate information possible by analyzing the actual data from the pull test and using the data in accordance with the geo-tech report. In fact, we use our own propriety software to analyze the pull-test results.

What wind and snow loads can the Solar FlexRack accommodate?

We can accommodate any wind and snow loads.

What tilt angle can the Solar FlexRack accommodate?

Our in-house engineering team can recommend the ideal tilt angle based on the project location. Most any tilt angle can be accommodated, usually between 5° and 35°.

What materials are used in the Solar FlexRack systems?

The rails on our ground racks are typically G90 pre-galvanized steel, with the ability to increase o higher galvanizations or HDG if desired. All of our hardware is corrosion-resistant steel.

What information is needed to receive a quote?

We custom design every solar racking system specifically for each project. Please provide the following details:

  • Type of system you are requesting (ground mount, tracker, etc.)
  • PV module that will be used
  • Project location
  • Tilt angle
  • For a ground-mount system, the type of foundation being used

To request a quote on your next project, please call us at 888.380.8138 or submit our Customer Directed Design Requirements form.

Does Solar FlexRack provide any other value-added services?


  • Geotechnical services 
  • On site pull-testing 
  • Site layout
  • Foundation and racking design
  • Post, rack, and module installaiton

Does Solar FlexRack install the racking?

We recommend our list of installers from our Certified Installer Program. These expert technicians have the experience to provide you with the most labor savings. All of our installers have gone through rigorous in-house training and can install every element of our mounting systems.

Are federal and/or state incentives available to help promote solar projects?

Yes. A complete list of federal incentives, as well as incentives offered by each state, is available at the U.S. Department of Energy’s DSIRE web site. DSIRE is an acronym for Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency.