Our value engineering leads to excellent design. Our engineering team designs every racking system by calculating environmental wind, snow, and seismic loads per the International Building Code (IBC) and/or local building codes. Finite element modeling is also used. Designs are based on third-party testing, such as wind tunnel, structural connections, and bonding. Multiple full-scale load tests have been conducted to confirm theoretical calculations. We carefully design each system to maintain structural integrity, and we pre-assemble them for simple and fast installation. Translation? Reduced labor cost in the field.

We design each ground rack to be compatible with multiple foundation needs, such as driven wide flanges, round posts, our proprietary SmartPosts, and ballast foundations. All of our designs come with a Stamped Drawing Package that also includes the foundation-design drawings.

We custom design the entire racking system based on the customer requirements and project specifications. This dedication includes applying various loading conditions, analyzing multiple load combinations, performing code checks, analyzing deflections, and generating structural reports.

We perform code checks and analyze various cold-form complex shapes using CFS-RSG software. And we adhere to Chapter F in the Cold Form Design Manual for our structural connection testing.

Pre-assembled for speed and savings. Photo Credit: J. Ranck Electric

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