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10 Features to Look for in a Solar Racking Solution

Solar racking solutions come in all shapes and sizes, but the wrong system could ruin your solar panel installation efficiency. There is no one quality that will guarantee a successful installation, either in the short-term or in the long-term, but if you know the biggest pain points to avoid, you’ll be better poised to find a perfect solution for your jobsite.

  1. Durability. You need a solar racking solution that can withstand the natural elements, including soil corrosion, high wind, and snow loads.
  2. Time Efficiency. Labor costs can make or break your bottom line. Look for a racking solution that can be installed quickly and efficiently by your crew.
  3. Cost Efficiency. Similarly, you need a racking solution that’s worth what you pay for it. Look for a quality solution that won’t compromise your entire budget.
  4. Practicality. You don’t always need special tools and equipment for a quality installation. Practical models tend to be better.
  5. Adaptability. Every jobsite is unique, and you need a racking solution that can work universally—regardless of topography and soil conditions.
  6. Services Look for a company who is willing to provide an extra level of support, including project management, installation supervision, engineering and field services.
  7. Warranty A warranty is a promise between a manufacturer and an installer. Look for that guarantee.
  8. Testing Third party testing of the racking structure ensures durability for the life of the system. Wind tunnel testing, structural load testing and life cycle testing are some of the important tests to look for.
  9. Bankability Your racking solution company should have a strong reputation within the industry for innovation and success.
  10. Simplicity. Racking solutions don’t need to be complicated. Oftentimes, a simpler design is better.

Finding a solar racking solution with all these features might be difficult, but at Solar FlexRack, we pride ourselves on going above and beyond the average. Contact us and find out why we’re consistently rated as one of the best innovators in the industry.

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