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Best in Solar: Solar FlexRack’s Top Projects

Solar FlexRack is known for their engineering achievements, providing and installing some of the most dynamic and cost efficient solar racking units in the industry. Our racking solutions have served as a framework for some of the most ambitious solar projects in recent memory, including:

Maywood Solar Farm

An Indianapolis superfund site was the basis for what is now known as Maywood Solar Farm, which will produce up to 14,600 MWh of electricity every year. Solar FlexRack partnered with Hanwha Q Cells to turn 46 acres of inactive industrial land into an electricity-generating solar farm, the first project of its kind. Solar FlexRack provided the racking units that will help the site reduce carbon dioxide emissions by 13,000 metric tons a year.

Camilla and Woodbury, GA Solar FlexRack partnered with Origis Energy to provide FlexRack Ground Mounts for Georgia’s second largest installation in the state. Commissioned in December 2013, the solar installations use 78,160 solar photovoltaic panels to generate enough power annually for nearly 6,000 homes. The green energy production of the solar plants will reduce CO2 emissions by approximately 27,000 tons each year. The sites will deliver clean solar energy to Georgia Power, the largest subsidiary of Southern Company, one of the nation’s largest generators of electricity, under the utility’s Large-Scale Solar Initiative.

New Jersey Meadowlands Commission

Set up at a closed, 35-acre landfill in Kearny, New Jersey, the Meadowlands Commission project was another radical overhaul, now generating 3 MW of power. With over 12,000 Kyocera solar panels and 481 2×13 FlexRack ballasted ground mounts, Solar FlexRack helped ensure a stable, efficient mounting solution for the project.

Quabbin-Vernon Avenue

The Quabbin-Vernon Avenue project in Barre, Massachusetts produces 2 MW of power across 497 2×8 ground mounts, which were of course provided by Solar FlexRack. Tecta Solar, the contractor for the project, notes that the ground mounts have already withstood the impact of Hurricane Irene without so much as a scratch.

Solar FlexRack continues to push the limits of achievement in solar panel racking with new projects and innovative endeavors. Join us as we improve the world of solar power, one rack at a time.

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