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Beyond the Racks: Installation and Field Support

Solar FlexRack is well known for our racking systems, but our expertise is what sets us apart. Our innovative products, such as our ground mounted, roof mounted, and solar tracking units, have won multiple awards and have been certified by multiple independent organizations for their durability and ease of installation. We’re proud of them, but we’re even more proud of the people who make those landmark industry successes possible.

Our Engineers

Our engineers, specializing in structural and geotechnical design and analysis, are the fuel responsible for driving Solar FlexRack forward. We employ some of the best minds of the industry, and we’re willing to do anything it takes to make sure your job site is successful. Our structural and mechanical engineers not only design some of the best racking units available, but they’re geared to go onsite to help your team collaborate and execute a successful project.

Installation Services

When you purchase one of our racks, we go the extra mile to make sure it’s installed properly. We have expertise in installing posts, racks, clips, modules, trackers, and everything else you need to complete the job. We can provide a full team of installers to complete your objectives or simply train your installers to avoid potential missteps and ensure a successful installation.

Field Support

If you plan on installing our racks with your own team, we will help make sure your project goes smoothly. Our field support team will work with your installers to get them up to speed on best practices and ensure a successful racking and mounting installation. We will also perform onsite commissioning for any tracker installation to ensure all mechanical and electrical components of the system are designed and installed correctly.

Our engineers and field technicians are highly skilled and highly experienced. Contact us to learn more about how our partnership can help.


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