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Expanding Solar Tracker & Mounting Solutions to Boost Project Energy Yields

Part I

As design becomes more impactful in maximizing energy production of large-scale solar installations, having a greater range of tracker and racking solutions is advantageous. Offering a selection of racking to serve large and smaller footprint projects, along with varying terrain and climatic conditions enables engineering and design to wring every kWh out of the solar systems. This is what makes the solar industry tick. With the consistent reduction in power purchase agreement (PPA) rates and now, a US solar tariff, there’s a new urgency surrounding this quest.

Designing for Maximum Energy Production

In a whitepaper titled, “Designing for Maximum Energy Production with Solar Trackers”, recently published by Solvida Energy Group’s Principal, Stephen Smith, he points out optimization strategies to maximize solar projects’ energy production. Learn more about these strategies here. Stephen highlights what their data analysis and in-field studies have concluded to be the most productive in impacting solar projects’ yields and is also indicative of how important tracker technologies are to that performance.

Solar FlexRack stays in-step with customers’ needs and innovates through research, engineering, technology, and in-field testing. Steve Daniel, Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing of Solar FlexRack said, “We understand that price declines in solar energy contracts are challenging solar developers and EPCs to reduce costs, and we want to ensure projects are able to move forward with viable ROI without compromising quality or cutting operations and maintenance budgets.”

Expanding Tracker & Fixed Tilt Solutions

Solar FlexRack has expanded its tracker and fixed tilt racking solutions to accommodate crystalline or thin film modules. Solar FlexRack’s TDP Trackers are adaptable to First Solar Series 4 and Solar Frontier SF-S (175-190W) thin film modules. They’re also compatible with most major crystalline modules.

“First Solar Series 4 module has the lowest cost per watt verses all other solar manufacturers of today.”

-First Solar, CEO, Mark Widmar


The High Yield Advantage: First Solar Series 6

Solar FlexRack is putting the finishing touches on their TDP Tracker solution adaptable to First Solar’s landmark Series 6 (S6) modules. Large format, S6 delivers up to 8% more energy per watt then conventional silicon modules in many climates. With a low temperature coefficient of -0.32%/°C, First Solar’s thin film module performs better than conventional crystalline in warmer climates. The modules are less sensitive to the wavelengths of available light in humid climates resulting in up to 4% more annual energy production. Through the unique cell design, S6 is less sensitive to power loss from shading, in comparison to conventional crystalline modules that turn off disproportionately large portions of the module due to their electrical design. One of the most cost-effective, reliable, and bankable modules available, rigorously tested and certified, First Solar Series 6 truly is the next-generation of utility-scale solar energy production.


Solar Mounting Options + World-Class Support Services

Sometimes it’s not about what went right with a project as much as it is about what went wrong. Planning down to the detail cannot always predict unusual weather conditions impacting deliveries or construction schedules, challenges with local labor teams, or other unexpected onsite issues.

The crew faced extreme weather conditions and challenges finding qualified workers.

The Project Manager reported that while they were initially intimidated by the different tracker, “installation went faster than anticipated. Combining the pre‐construction collaboration, well‐engineered product and high‐touch services support, the project was completed on schedule with identifiable racking cost savings.” Learn more about this project.


When companies purchase Solar FlexRack’s TDP Trackers with Project Services, they know they have a reliable and highly-experienced team on call. If a problem does arise, the team is responsive and works rapidly and efficiently to resolve issues and get your solar project back on schedule. The Solar FlexRack advantage lowers your project risks and ensures your project stays on budget. See what customers have to say about Solar FlexRack’s products and services by downloading our Customer Success Free Report.

The combination of these two leading solar products, First Solar’s S Series modules and Solar FlexRack’s TDP Trackers deliver a higher energy yield and lower risks for solar developers, EPCs and project owners.

Please continue to follow The Solar Tracker & Racking Blog as we offer regular updates on our expanding solar tracker and mounting solutions and report on some of the most challenging solar projects.

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