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How a Cheese Factory Proves the Flexibility of Our SFR Tracker

The Sierra Nevada Cheese Company in Willows, California may not seem like it has much to do with the solar power industry at first glance, but their recent solar installation actually says much about the current state of solar tracker engineering and how previous obstacles have been conquered by human innovation.

Terrain used to dictate the quality and feasibility of a solar panel installation, especially one with an accompanying solar tracker. Landscapes needed to be large, square, flat, and with a consistent, easy-to-accommodate type of terrain. But the cheese company offered no such ease—their location was triangular, with several different uneven levels of challenging terrain.

Fortunately, the Solar FlexRack Tracker system has been custom-designed to handle such an obstacle. Our team of innovators created a system with a decentralized drive system in each and every section of modules, with its own actuator and unique controller. This engineered framework allows large-scale solar tracker installations to be installed on surfaces like those of the Sierra Nevada Cheese Company, which were previously considered unusable.

The solar panel installation is estimated to produce an annual amount of energy equivalent to 468,994 kWh of electricity, which will offset approximately 50 percent of the cheese company’s energy needs. That potential energy savings will spare approximately 38,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions—the equivalent of reducing vehicular pollution by almost 96 million miles. Solar Trackers help improve that energy efficiency by moving to point directly toward the sun, thereby maximizing the amount of solar rays that can be captured and converted to electricity. Compared to stationary solar panel mounts, solar trackers are drastically more efficient.

The Sierra Nevada Cheese Company is just one of the latest examples of successful modern engineering in the solar tracking world. Solar FlexRack is proud to continue its reputation as one of the most innovative solar solution manufacturers in the world.

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