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How Mounting Solutions Make a Difference in Solar Panel Installation

On the surface, it might seem like mounting solutions are a relatively small part of the solar panel installation. After all, it is the PV unit itself that does all the energy production. However, choosing the right mounting solutions is of vital importance to the lifespan, productivity, and cost of your total installation. These are just a handful of ways the right mounting solution can radically decrease your costs and improve the quality of your jobsite.

Module Efficiency

Depending on your setup, the quality of your mounting system can actually improve the energy productivity of the PV unit. By increasing the accuracy and possible control of tracking units, your PV units will be able to harness more sunlight than with a basic structure.


Corrosive soil and other environmental conditions can weaken an otherwise solid rack—unless your rack is designed to withstand such conditions. Engineered for structural integrity and coated with galvanized steel, our racks are some of the strongest in the industry, and are backed by a warranty of up to 20 years.

Installation Efficiency

Installation costs add up, especially on larger jobsites where many mounting units are installed all at once. By selecting mounting solutions with a unique, flexible unfolding design, you’ll be able to reduce the time it takes to install each unit as well as the number of people required to install them. Most Solar FlexRack units can be installed in virtually any landscape by as few as three people.

Weather Resistance

High wind speeds and heavy snow loads are just two of the common problems mounting solutions face. Rigorous testing allows our engineers to design adaptable mounting solution models that can hold up to virtually any weather condition.

Solar FlexRack is a major innovator in the world of racking and mounting solutions. If you’re interested in flexible, durable mounts that can stand up to almost anything, contact us to see how our custom solutions can fit your needs.


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