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How Much Can You Save With Solar Energy? Google Knows

Google is stepping into the solar energy game—kind of. In the debut of new functionality, Google’s “project sunroof” combines Google Earth-style maps with an artificial intelligence program that can estimate solar costs and savings for consumers instantly.

Head over to Project Sunroof and see for yourself by plugging in your address. Using high-resolution imagery, electric bill costs, and information about available sunlight to your location, Project Sunroof will calculate the approximate amount of energy your home would save over the course of two decades with a solar installation. Right now, the project is limited to a few select areas of the United States, but once testing is complete, it will be available nationally.

The information is designed to help consumers understand the long-term benefits of solar power and (hopefully) make them more inclined to go through with an installation. This isn’t the first time Google has tried to support the adoption and spread of solar energy, either. Google is the biggest corporate buyer of wind and solar energy installations in the world, and it intends to triple those installations over the course of the next 10 years.

For now, this tool is only available to homeowners, but as it grows in popularity and the sophistication of its artificial intelligence improves, it’s likely that it could extend to corporate buyers. For example, the map could evaluate the terrain and layout of a given property (even landfills and brownfields thanks to our FlexRack Series B’s functionality), and estimate the annual energy consumption savings. Of course, our engineers at Solar FlexRack can help you figure this out already—if you’re interested in learning how much money you can save with a solar power installation, why not contact us and start the conversation?

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