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How Our Tracker Improves Solar Panel Energy Production

Solar trackers are some of the most advanced pieces of equipment in the solar panel racking and mounting industry. Designed to carefully reposition the attached photovoltaic panels to “track” the path of the sun, solar trackers are custom engineered to encourage the greatest amount of solar energy production from each unit.

Unlike stationary racking and mounting solutions, which hold a solar panel in a fixed position, trackers move gradually throughout the day to capture the best angle of sunlight. Stationary racking and mounting solutions, while cost efficient for installation, only operate at peak efficiency during a short length of time during the day.

There are two potential downsides for installers: the upfront installation cost and the looming threat of potential maintenance. Since solar trackers are more advanced pieces of equipment that move regularly, they are more expensive to produce and install, and they require more upkeep over time.

However, the brilliant engineers at Solar FlexRack have designed a solar tracker that overcomes these potential drawbacks: the series TDL.

Our series TDL tracker features a unique, flexible design that can accommodate virtually any type of terrain. It minimizes installation times because it requires few tools and few steps to install, thereby saving money on the jobsite. And, since the distributive drive tracker maximizes the GCR of irregular field topographies, the series TDL allows for a greater, more efficient use of large land areas.

Also, the series TDL is designed with long-term efficiency in mind. Offsite monitoring allows the installer or owner to constantly keep tabs on the tracker’s performance, and a unique cleaning feature keeps the tracker operating smoothly with minimal need for regular maintenance. Similarly, its PTFE nylon bearings eliminate the need for regular lubrication.

The series TDL is one of the best, most efficient solar trackers on the market. If you’re interested in installing the series TDL tracker at your next jobsite, we’ll make the process even easier by sending out a field expert to aid you in completing the project.

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