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How Schools Are Poised to Take Advantage of Solar Installations

Solar FlexRack recently completed two separate projects for Palm Springs Unified School District in Desert Hot Springs, California: one at Bubbling Wells Elementary School and one at Two Bunch Palms Elementary School. Together, the projects are estimated to generate more than 90 percent of the schools’ annual energy consumption, ultimately saving the school district more than $4.2 million over the course of the next 20 years.

Schools and academic institutions all over the country are poised to take advantage of the benefits of solar power, and the Palm Springs Unified School District is among the first to do so on such a scale. First, consider the enormous savings benefits. The school district in Desert Hot Springs is now able to dedicate an extra $4.2 million of energy spending to more important features, such as more robust facilities, better trained staff, or new educational materials. Any school in the country that installs a long-term solar power solution should see similar benefits, greatly increasing their educational potential.

Second, consider the potential grants and subsidies possible for both public and private school districts. Palm Springs Unified School District was offered a $3 million grant from the government, with the intention of reducing environmentally harmful emissions in the area. For consumers and private institutions, there is also a solar tax credit in effect for the remainder of the year, and to some extent, into 2016. Other smaller grants are plentiful, making solar installations more affordable for schools than ever before.

Last but not least, solar power installations on schools represent a pivotal learning opportunity for their students. Students can, in real time, witness and track the energy producing potential of the solar panels, learning about renewable energy and setting a course for a more energy independent future.

In providing the solar racking systems, pre-construction engineering services, and a final field evaluation, Solar FlexRack is proud to have been a part of the Palm Springs Unified School District project. We hope more schools throughout the country take advantage of this key opportunity, and we look forward to working with more schools to reduce energy costs, reduce emissions, and help children all over the country get a better education.

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