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How Solar Rack Clips Make All the Difference

Expertly installed solar panels demand expertly engineered racking and mounting equipment, and that means developing and refining each individual part of the system until the entire unit is a singular, efficient system. Solar FlexRack is well-known for our unique unfolding racking designs and versatility when it comes to installation. But some of our lesser-known, smaller parts are just as responsible for establishing and supporting our dynamic racking structures. With our Thin-Film Clips, SmartBonding Clips, and SmartClips, our solar racking units provide the flexibility to customize the jobsite to fit your needs, adjusting to more unique landscapes and environments, and simplifying the installation process even further.

  • Our SmartClips are used on the Solar FlexRack Series G1L and G3L, when mounted in a landscape orientation. Unlike similar clips from competitors, our SmartClips are installed prior to module population with the top row of clips being installed when the racks are on the ground, eliminating the need for ladders, and requiring only a single torque for complete installation.
  • Our SmartBonding Clips are used as mid-clips for the G1L and G3L racks. Custom-made to fit virtually any framed module, these clips pierce the anodic surface of the module in two locations and create a tight, reliable bond that requires no ground straps. These clips are torqued down only once in the process, eliminating rework for installers and cutting down installation times.
  • Our specialty Thin-Film Clips are capable of being used on almost any thin-film modules. Either accompanying the FlexRack Series G or sold separately, these Thin-Film Clips have undergone rigorous testing to ensure durability and reliability and are certified by multiple panel manufacturers

Our clips are some of the best in the industry, and they’re a major part of what makes our racks unique. By perfecting and combining the most effective, mounting components in the industry we’ve been able to create unmatchable solar racking systems for our customers.

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