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How Solar Trackers Can Increase Energy Output

Solar trackers are a specially designed type of solar mounting system that can move responsively in order to maximize energy production. Trackers are highly advanced pieces of technology, and can be paired with almost any type of solar panel installation. Moving along pre-programmed coordinates, trackers stabilize and gradually move the affixed photovoltaic units throughout the day to stay directly in line with the sun’s rays as it moves across the sky.

This custom engineered feature makes solar trackers much more efficient than their stationary counterparts. Traditional solar racking solutions hold these photovoltaic units in a fixed position, so they may receive a surplus of solar energy over the course of a few hours in a day, but that energy input sharply diminishes once the sun passes a certain point in the sky.

Despite the massively superior efficiency of solar trackers, there are two fears that keep some installers from pursuing them. First, the upfront cost for solar trackers is more than a traditional unit, mostly because of the increased sophistication of technology. Second, the moving parts of the tracker require more upkeep and maintenance over time.

While all trackers are more advanced and more expensive pieces of equipment than their stationary counterparts, Solar FlexRack is working to make solar trackers a more affordable and more convenient solution for installers. The series TDL, our landmark product, features a unique, modular design that makes it easy to install on almost any type of landscape. Plus, it features a distributive drive system,, which maximizes the GCR of nearly any terrain—that means you can fit more trackers on any given area of land.

Our trackers also feature offsite monitoring, so owners can easily keep track of the installation’s performance and prevent the need for regular maintenance. A unique cleaning feature and lubrication-free PTFE nylon bearings further reduce the need for ongoing maintenance.

If you’re interested in a solar tracker installation, the series TDL is one of the most advanced and cost-efficient models available. Contact us if you’re interested in learning more!

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