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How the Series B Turns Almost Any Site Into a Solar Possibility

The FlexRack Series B is one of our finest creations—not just because of the cost-efficient engineering that went into it or the rigorous testing it underwent, but because it’s one of the most universally practically solar racks that’s ever been developed.

There’s a critical problem facing most potential solar installations: large-scale solar panel systems need suitable soil to be able to drive posts into the ground for the installations to be successful. . Most solar mounting equipment requires dry, stable, predictable soil in order to make the system more cost-efficient.

The Series B ground mount unit is specifically designed to overcome these soil -based obstacles. In effect, it can turn virtually any type of terrain into a potential job site, including landfills, brownfields, and ground that’s been saturated with water.

How the Design Works

The Series B works especially well because it transfers the majority of the weight load to a concrete ballast block, which then depends on twin supports (rather than the traditional one). Because of the division of weight and the lighter structure of the rack, the series B can be used easily in much harsher environments. For example, it can be used in saturated types of terrain, like landfills, where traditional solar racking units cannot feasibly stand. As an added bonus, the system employs only a minimalistic use of fasteners and other components, reducing the overall cost of the system.

Installing the Series B for Your Jobsite

The Series B is relatively new—we unveiled it last year at the SPI conference—but it’s ready to be installed on your job site. As a ballasted mounting system, the series B is compatible with all our pre-existing racking systems, including our popular G1, G2, and G3 racks, all of which come as either pre-assembled or field assembled systems for easy installation.

If you’re interested in more information, be sure to check out the full specs on our series B rack page, or contact us directly to learn more!

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