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How Unfolding Designs Save Time and Money

Solar FlexRack’s unique unfolding design makes the solar panel installation cheaper and easier for installers on the jobsite.

When assembling and positioning a solar racking system in a commercial application, installers need to keep cost and efficiency as top priorities. The faster a mounting system can be installed, the better—not only does it allow for the system to be set up with stricter deadlines, it also cuts the labor costs of a lengthier installation.

Experts in engineering have strived for decades to design and construct a mounting system that maximizes efficiency while still maintaining the utmost durability and flexibility. Solar FlexRack utilizes a flexible, unfolding design that offers several unique advantages that all save time and money on the jobsite:

  • Adaptability. The unfolding design allows for a fantastic range of options for installation. The flexibility allows the rack to accommodate multiple locations in virtually any landscape or climate range.
  • Repeatability. The unfolding process is the same for all our racks, so large-scale projects with multiple racks become far easier to manage. Experienced installers have seen the install time become faster as the job goes along.
  • Speed. The pre-assembled nature of the racks means you spend less total time in the installation process, no matter how many people are on your team or how much ground you need to cover.

But the best part is the design doesn’t reduce any of the capacity or durability of the unit. All Solar FlexRack units are tested for their durability in a natural environment, from wind speed resistance to snow load capacity. Save time the smart way—without compromising the quality of your racks.

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