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Introducing the FlexRack G3-X

Fresh from the minds of our top engineers, Solar FlexRack is introducing a new solar panel ground mount. Distinguished as the FlexRack Series G3-X, the system is the smartest, most cost-effective solution in a long line of innovative solutions from Solar FlexRack.


One of the key features of the G3-X is its adjustability. Not only can the rack accommodate virtually any type of foundation, the rack is fully customizable, giving it the opportunity to work around complex loading conditions. In addition, built in tolerances allow the system to adjust to various changes in topography for a clean install on even the most challenging terrain.

Smart Design

The G3-X is value engineered to optimize materials, components, and fasteners. Requiring no heavy machinery the G3-X can be easily staged on the job site and with minimal components and similar size fasteners the system is easily assembled in the field.

Other Features

The benefits of the G3-X don’t end there:

  • All-steel construction guarantees increased durability for a lower material cost
  • Integrated bonding and wire management create an all-in-one package for installation
  • Tilt angles of 5 to 45 degrees, with custom tilts accommodated
  • Perfect fit with any 60 or 72 cell framed module, or any frameless module
  • A 20 year warranty to give you peace of mind
  • Full turnkey installation by Solar FlexRack is also available!

If you’re interested in our series G3-X ground mount, or any of our other products, be sure to contact us for more information!

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