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Solar FlexRack offers hands-on solar racking and tracker installation training to qualified solar companies. Our preferred installers are trusted people who have a stable and reliable business who have installed our system and have given us a sense of comfort that they know and understand our systems, and can install the systems per SFR’s specifications.

Choosing the right installer is one of the most important aspects in the construction of a solar project. The Solar FlexRack Preferred Installer Program gives our customers the confidence that their project will be properly installed.

What are the benefits of the program?

Once accepted into the Solar FlexRack (SFR) Preferred Installer Program, our Preferred Installers are amongst those whose industry knowledge and performance is unrivaled. Our Program provides direct, hands-on access to most comprehensive solar product installation and tracker training.

How to Become a Preferred Installer with SFR

  • First, a detailed questionnaire needs to be completed.
  • After the questionnaire is filled out, we then ask for the installer to provide pricing for a project to get an idea of where their price is in the market.
  • We assist installers during the estimating phase to answer or give clarification on the assembly of our system, crew sizes, equipment, duration, etc.
  • All installers who are interested always have an open invitation to our headquarters in Youngstown to get to know our products.
  • Once an installer has been awarded one of our installs either through us or direct with a customer, our experienced team will review all of the project specifics with the installer in an effort to get them as prepared as possible.

Meeting Our Standards

At Solar FlexRack, we take our product quality and our service seriously. For those we call Preferred Installers, we know they do too.

Our Preferred Installers Include:

NESCO Jranck
SunStall StandardSun
Recon Renewable Energy HBC
AUI JandBSolar
Evergreen MBarC Construction
AED Granite
AES Solar
Thank you for your interest. Someone will respond to your request as soon as possible.
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