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Solar Trackers & Mounting Case Studies

Solar FlexRack has completed more than 2 GW of solar racking installations in 40 states across America and five countries globally. Our custom-designed, fixed tilt ground mount and single-axis solar trackers are being utilized for both commercial and utility scale solar installations.

Browse the case studies below to learn more about some of the solutions we provide.

Beverly Community Solar Project

Beverly Community Solar Project

Resolving Ultra-Complexities in a Solar Project’s Success: from COVID-19 to Landfill to Community Solar

This unique solar project began in early 2016 when the city council of Beverly, Massachusetts decided to explore the possibility of installing solar on some
of their underutilized assets.

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Elizabeth Mine

Superfund Project Restores an Ecosystem & Upgrades the Local Community to Renewable Energy

Beginning with a name like Superfund Project, already starts to make you think super heroes must somehow be involved. When you dig into the details of this project, in respect to the health of the residents, the local environment, and the achievement of this project – you wouldn’t be far off.

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The Lapeer Projects

One of the Largest Solar Power Plants in the Midwest

The utility-owned Lapeer project is comprised of 2 sites, 34 MW and 24 MW. The solar electric plant generates enough electricity to power almost 11,000 households per year and offsets over 16,000 tons of carbon emissions annually.

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SFR Coyote Ridge Community Solar Trackers Project

Coyote Ridge Community Solar Project

The Eighth Community Solar Project Installed in Colorado

In a statewide initiative to demonstrate scalable models for electric cooperatives to broaden the reach of solar energy and reduce energy costs for low-income households, the Coyote Ridge Community Solar Project will save a variety of off-takers with 1.2 MW of the plant’s capacity dedicated to low-income households, affordable housing providers and nonprofit organizations.

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How to Make Money in the Midwest

SOLAR BUILDER: Identifying opportunities and executing them in a less mature market requires a different approach

In this special report, sponsored by Solar FlexRack, we look at just how a few solar companies have done this already. They have found that success and we will tell you how you could replicate it.

Also in this special report, we look at the political and economic factors that are both helping and holding back the solar industry at this current moment — and how you might use any scenario to your advantage. We also look at general sales strategies that will hopefully drive more business, while lowering your costs.

Bottom line, the fact that the Midwest isn’t quite as primed for the same volumes of business as say the Northeast, to us, means that now is the time to establish yourself. Be the big fish in the small pond, and then watch as that pond swells to lake levels.

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