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Successful solar projects require excellent, well-engineered products as well as a full complement of services to ensure the multi-levels of planning; design and construction are effectively integrated and executed for overall project success. Solar FlexRack recognized the synergies between great products and world class services early in our existence. So many years ago we started building a robust services offering and expanding our highly experienced team to provide these essential services to our clients. Now Solar FlexRack offers premium solar tracking and racking solutions, along with the best-in-the-business solar project support services to meet the needs of our customers and ensure consistent and efficient project success.

Today we offer in-house delivered solutions for rack engineering and design, foundation design, project management, full turnkey installation including post, rack and tracker installation, on site field support and assistance in developing Operations and Maintenance programs.

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Frontrunners in Engineering

Solar FlexRack understands that each solar project is unique.  Unlike other racking companies that offer “off the shelf” products, we take into account all aspects of a site:  topography, soil and weather conditions. We have a world-class group of structural, geotechnical, civil, electrical and mechanical engineers, and project managers that form the core of our team. These professionals collaborate on each project with additional specialists to meticulously review your projects and site conditions and provide a complete design so your installations are flawless, on time and on budget. We incorporate value engineering in each project and strive to deliver the most structurally stable and cost efficient foundation and solar racking solution for your specific project and site.

Unparalleled Expertise

We also have on-site field technicians and a professional geologist and geotechnical engineers on the team who analyze soil reports, recommend appropriate designs to our engineers, and determine specific post or foundation types and depths appropriate for specific project locations. We use sophisticated testing systems providing data-driven analysis which yield precise design recommendations. With Solar FlexRack there is no guessing or estimating what your system requirements are. We methodically determine exactly what is appropriate for your situation.

Complete Engineering Services

We assign a project engineer to every client proposal to “value engineer” the racking structure to specific site conditions before we provide you with an actual commercial quote. Your project engineer interacts and coordinates with our full internal professional team to ensure our design is appropriate for your site.

Our services also include full PE stamped drawing packages, including ground-penetrating and ballasted foundation design. We utilize state-of-the-art structural analysis software to analyze every racking system and ensure it will last for the life of its design.

We adhere to top standards performing code checks and analyzing various cold-form complex shapes using state-of-the-art software. (We adhere to Chapter F in the Cold Form Design Manual for our structural connection testing).

Robust, Reliable Rack Design

Our unique racking solution designs ensure that all loads flow from the modules down through the racking system and into the ground, without placing secondary stresses into the modules or depending on the modules to brace or reinforce the system. By utilizing this design philosophy, we safeguard your solar system’s power-generating components and its long-term performance.

Our value engineering leads to excellent design. Our engineering team designs every racking system by calculating environmental wind, snow, and seismic loads per the International Building Code (IBC) and/or local building requirements. Finite element modeling is employed and all designs are based on third party testing, such as wind tunnel, structural connections, and bonding. Multiple full-scale load tests have been conducted to confirm theoretical calculations. We carefully design each system to maintain structural integrity, and in some cases, we pre-assemble them for faster on-site installation. Each design is customized to deliver the best possible solution for the most economical installation.

For more information about Solar FlexRack’s GeoTechnical Requirements, download this PDF.

Geotechnical Services

SFR employs a full-time professional Geologist and a Geotechnical Engineer who analyze soil reports, recommend appropriate designs to our engineers, and determine specific post or foundation types and depths appropriate for specific project locations.

For more information about Solar FlexRack’s GeoTechnical Requirements, download this PDF.

We Start With On-site Pull Testing

It’s standard procedure for us to provide a pull-test program for site-specific post options. Our geotechnical team acquires the most accurate information possible by analyzing the actual data from the pull test and using the data in accordance with the site’s geo-tech report. In fact, we use our own propriety software to analyze the pull-test results. Why is this test important? The pull test authenticates possible design options to minimize the embedment depth. It also ensures appropriate length and thickness of the most efficient post. Again, this solid preparation leads to reduced costs to the bottom line.

Foundation Design

Is your project ballasted or ground penetrating? Will you be using wide flange, SmartPost, round post, or helical posts? We can design any supporting pier system for any site you may encounter. As part of our geotechnical design, we engineer the FlexRack and foundation to fit the installation site while providing the most effective balance-of-system costs. All of our designs come with a Stamped Drawing Package, which also includes the foundation-design drawings.

We custom design the entire racking system based on the customer requirements and project specifications. This dedication includes applying various loading conditions, analyzing multiple load combinations, performing code checks, analyzing deflections, and generating structural reports.

For more information about Solar FlexRack’s GeoTechnical Requirements, download this PDF.

Superior Turnkey Services

Let the experts at Solar FlexRack manage the full scope of services including material supply and installation for your next project. From initial engineering and racking design, conducting onsite pull testing and foundation design, to final installation of posts, racks, and modules, we provide a single point of contact for our customers.

Solar FlexRack’s Turnkey Support Services

  • Geotechnical Services
  • Structural Analysis
  • Layout & Design
  • Foundation Design Services
  • Post Driving
  • On-Site Pull Testing
  • Tracking System Installation
  • Visual Inspection of Trackers
  • Preferred Installer Network
  • Post, Rack & Module Installation
  • Configuration of Tracker Controls
  • Configuration of Network Controls
  • Project Management
  • PE Stamp
  • Onsite Training
  • Commissioning
  • Remote Data Monitoring & Reporting
  • Postliminary Inspection 

Preferred Installers 

Directed and overseen by Solar FlexRack Project Managers, Solar FlexRack maximizes labor savings utilizing SFR Preferred Installers. Trained on proper installation procedures for Solar FlexRack products, these crews understand in detail how to install our products with proficiency to minimize your costs.

Interested in becoming a Preferred Installer? Click Here

Project Management for Single Point of Contact Accountability

Your project will be assigned a Project Manager who will coordinate activities across departments to expose your project to the full capabilities of our services team. Part of your onboarding will be an initial kick-off call to outline the scope of activities, communications and timeline. During the installation process, weekly meetings will continue to make sure your project stays on track.

While your Project Managers have an entire team behind them, they will be your primary contact for all things related to your project. From preliminary planning, consultation, project logistics, and on-site training to additional services support, your project managers will keep you informed and can rapidly address any issues encountered. You will have detailed shipment information so you can effectively plan your construction schedule.  Our main focus is making your projects run smoothly and on-time.

Field Support Service Technicians

Whether you are self-performing installation or utilizing Solar FlexRack turnkey services, it is standard operating procedure for us to provide a field service technician with all of our projects. Our field service technicians provide hands-on training at your project site to ensure your crews are completely prepared to install efficiently. Through the installation of over 2 GW of projects, we’ve learned that this service is an important distinction for a successful install.

Operations & Maintenance

Combined, Solar FlexRack’s team has decades of solar technology, engineering and installation experience. We design and engineer racking with a solar plant’s long-term maintenance in mind. Our highly experienced team can provide you with a recommendation statement for your solar project’s operations and maintenance. Solar FlexRack is dedicated to customer satisfaction and ensuring customers receive support at all levels to ensure their solar plants perform at their full potential.

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If you are interested in learning more about our extensive service offerings, contact us for more information. Partner with Solar FlexRack, meet the A team and see what exceptional service really feels like.

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Successful Customers Use Solar FlexRack

“The Solar FlexRack team visited the site several times throughout construction. They offered suggestions that would increase the ease and speed of the project installation. We’ve never had that level of support with other racking manufacturers.”

– Senior Project Manager

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