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Solar FlexRack Helps GM Offset Energy Costs with Massive Solar Installation

General Motors in Lordstown Ohio is known for being the largest GM facility in the United States, and the most productive in all of North America. At the end of October, Solar FlexRack partnered with the plant to give it another distinction: the GM Lordstown plant will now enjoy the largest and most productive solar panel installation of any GM plant in the Western hemisphere.

In the words of Sharon Basel, a manager of communications at GM Energy, Environment and Sustainability, “GM has made a commitment in terms of increasing our use of renewable energy by 2020.” This latest installation is evidence of GM’s commitment.

The solar installation will feature a 2.2-megawatt solar unit, mounted with one of Solar FlexRack’s core products—its FlexRack Series G3L. Solar FlexRack’s ground mounted units are specifically designed to maximize efficiency, decreasing labor costs for installers and resulting in a jobsite that can accommodate more solar panels with a higher resistance to environmental conditions. The installation at GM in Lordstown will feature more than 8,500 individual solar panels, which will collectively produce enough energy to fuel 1.5 percent of the facility.

The installation will also be clearly visible to drivers passing by on the Ohio Turnpike, serving as a landmark to both GM’s commitment to energy conservation and Solar FlexRack’s landmark engineering.

“It was a great opportunity because we are based here in Youngstown, but we ship our product all over the globe,” Joe Nobile, our Chief Operating Officer, had to say.

Solar FlexRack is excited to continue partnering with other great corporations and businesses looking to invest in the future of energy and offset their energy costs through efficiently-mounted solar panels.

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