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Solar FlexRack Time Study Results Featured Online

Solar FlexRack’s labor saving innovations were recently verified by the third party Industrial TimeStudy Institute, and the word is out!

Solar Builder Magazine

“At a time when the solar industry is looking for verifiable and ‘bankable’ savings to lower costs, Solar FlexRack, a division of Northern States Metals, today announces the results of an independent time study performed by Industrial Timestudy Institute Inc. The study results reinforce that Solar FlexRack has achieved the highest labor cost savings to date in the industry for ground-mount racking systems for utility-scale PV solar installations…

Solar Power World

“Solar FlexRack reduces on-site labor costs through a high level of preassembly in its factories, moving labor from the “field” into the factory where quality and costs can be controlled more effectively. The G3L is manufactured following proprietary manufacturing processes that are certified to the latest ISO 9001 standards. The vertical and horizontal rails of the all steel FlexRack Series G3L ground mount systems ship to the job site as one completely pre-assembled unit, reducing the amount of loose hardware and components, and can be unfolded and set up in a matter of minutes…”

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