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The FlexRack Series B is a ballasted ground mount system for installing photovoltaic (PV) solar arrays on landfills, brownfields and water-saturated terrain where no, or little soil penetration is allowed.

The ballasted solar solution is available with blocks pre-cast offsite or cast-in-place (CIP) on site utilizing Solar FlexRack’s unique, easy to assemble form system.

Licensed Structural Engineers

Included on Solar FlexRack’s team of experts are licensed, structural and civil engineering professionals who will determine the optimal ballast design for your solar array. Having a full engineering team in house differentiates us from other racking companies who usually hire external engineering consultants to perform these calculations and ultimate designs. Since our team works with our products on a daily basis, utilizing state-of-the-art-tools, they have the experience to optimize our ballast system design to meet your needs.

Calculating Solar Ballast

While most of the factors are fairly obvious for calculating the appropriate ballast needed on a solar installation (such as the size and orientation of array, type of racking being utilized, and wind and seismic factors), physical project location is also important due to idiosyncrasies of each jurisdiction. Many authorities having jurisdiction (AHJ’s) have different code requirements. Our engineering team will navigate you through this process and will ensure that our final ballast design meets all local, state and national requirements. You can trust your project with us.

Our Ballasted Systems:

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  • UL 2703 (Issue 2) compliant for all ground, ballasted, and tracking systems
  • ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility
  • Certification includes both US and Canada



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