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FlexRack Series B Cast-in-Place

Determining the most cost effective ballast solution is imperative to ensuring your systems meet the ever-increasing pricing pressure we all face in the solar industry. View our Map of Ballasted Solar Installations.

Save With CIP

We have developed Series B Cast-in-Place (CIP) solution to allow our clients to efficiently pour concrete on site into a revolutionary form system, saving significant costs incurred when utilizing pre-cast blocks.

Reduce Time and Components

The flexible Series B CIP installs quicker than any other on site ballast system, providing the ability to easily level posts after forms are set, customize block sizes and greatly reduce the number of components needed for installation.

Our system uses steel and concrete more efficiently, reducing the overall cost of the unit and allowing for a lower array profile.

The Series B Advantage

The Solar FlexRack advantage for customers is substantial project savings and ease of installation It’s also custom engineered to make installation a breeze—no matter the conditions, the Series B can be installed quickly and efficiently, saving you money on labor costs and materials.

  • The FlexRack Series B offers compatibility with all of our ground systems, including the G2 and G3. That means that all the innovative labor savings features and flexibility incorporated in our racking systems are still realized with the Series B. The Series B is offered as a precast system or cast in place to meet project specific requirements.
  • Economical shipping – when utilizing our CIP solution, forms ship as a two-piece pre-assembled structure creating a very economical shipping method. The forms are simply folded and fastened in place on the jobsite in less than 3 minutes each.
  • The forms are customized roll form shapes to optimize size and reduce wasted material.
  • Posts are set plumb prior to pouring concrete for ease of installation.
  • Ability to level posts after form is set for tolerances in installation
  • Customizable block size allows form to always be filled to the top.
  • Internal bracing eliminates need for construction shoring or additional bracing requirements.
  • Utilizes same two support system benefits as pre-cast solution.
  • Form arrives on site prefabricated with slots and notches.
  • Bracing is easily set in place through prefabricated slots in form and bent tabs are hammered down on the outside of the form to secure bracing.
  • Once bracing is in place the form is easily closed at the corner hinge with provided hardware.
  • Posts/Channels are easily adjusted vertically within the form with multiple pre-drilled holes in channels.
  • Slots in cross braces allow supports to be installed plumb on uneven terrain.
  • Form is customizable roll formed shape that is optimized specifically for the amount of concrete needed. This creates no wasted material and concrete is always filled to the top.
  • Forms nest together, keeping freight costs and handling low.
  • Smart fabrication for the V-notched corners.
  • Easy to handle, easy to fold.
  • Simple and fast to build and pour, with no additional bracing required for the concrete.
  • Ease of constructability.

Cast-In-Place Secrets

Part one of our Solar Secrets Series, “Secrets to Reducing Solar Project Costs” contains a snapshot of a highly-successful Cast-In-Place solar project that utilized our Series B CIP solar mounting solution.

Benefits Versus Competitors

SFR forms require no construction shoring on-site. Some competitors’ systems require sidewalls of their form to be shored up while concrete is being poured and cured. This type of systems creates added waste, cost, and install time to set up.
SFR forms are customized roll form metal. Some competitors’ systems use plastic tubs. This technology warps away from the concrete base creating voids that can trap water.
SFR does not need gravel inside of its forms to level the posts.



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  • UL 2703 (Issue 2) compliant for all ground, ballasted, and tracking systems
  • ISO 9001 Certified manufacturing facility
  • Certification includes both US and Canada



Successful Customers Use Solar FlexRack

“It allowed us to build a pour-in-place system as fast as a precast ballasted system at a lower cost.”

– Solar Developer

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