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The QuikCart is a valuable tool for any jobsite. For ground mount solar installations our QuikCart saves installers time climbing up and down and constantly relocating ladders during installation, therefore greatly increasing the speed of installation. Plus, the QuikCart essentially eliminates the need to use a ladder on the job site, reduces fatigue for installation crews and saves time and money for our EPCs.

Available in three or four step assemblies, the ten foot long QuikCart is lightweight due to its all aluminum construction. Additionally, it is easy to maneuver on the job site due to its heavy-duty 5.75” wide tires, which also allow for increased stability on uneven terrain.

Advantages of the QuikCart Include:

  • Eliminates the need for ladders on the job site
  • Increases speed of installation
  • One move of a QuikCart equals 5 moves of a ladder
  • All aluminum, light weight
  • 10′long and 3 or 4 steps per customer request
  • Heavy duty 5.75″wide tires for increased stability on uneven terrain
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