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The 5 Biggest Advantages of the TDP Turnkey Tracker


Solar energy is universally efficient; it’s clean, renewable, and under the right circumstances, it can provide as much raw energy as any other traditional power source. However, the solar cells themselves aren’t the only factors responsible for generating this energy: the racking and mounting systems that support those cells can also affect energy output (as well as the total cost of the system).

In terms of both energy production and cost efficiency, the Solar FlexRack TDP Turnkey Tracker is one of the best options you’ll find in the market. These five key advantages are the reasons why:

  1. Higher overall energy production. Solar trackers offer the unique functionality of “tracking” the sun throughout the sky as it moves during the course of the day. Stationary solar racks suffer from reduced efficiency when not facing the sun directly, but trackers overcome this by always facing the sun, maximizing overall energy production.
  2. Lower space requirements. Thanks to the distributed drive blocks necessary for TDP Turnkey Trackers, there’s a much lower space requirement. In fact, with a TDP Turnkey Tracker, you can use as much as  40 percent less space compared to other centralized tracking systems
  3. Improved capabilities in irregular and non-adjacent lots. Distributed drive blocks also make it possible to install the TDP Tracker in some irregular and non-adjacent lots, which pose challenges for traditional trackers and racking units.
  4. All-in-one turnkey services. The “turnkey” component of TDP Turnkey Trackers means you’ll get a host of services, including support, commissioning, installation, posts, sizing and design, and even geotechnical services.
  5. Lower overall cost compared to other trackers. Despite all the included services and better overall design, the TDP Turnkey Tracker is still, comprehensively, the least expensive solar energy solution on the market.

The TDP Turnkey Tracker is the best way to make full use of your space, budget, and available resources. If you’re interested in more information, you can check out our full spec sheet or contact us for more details.

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