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The 5 Most Difficult Factors to Overcome in Solar Racking

Many companies have considered installing solar panels for their businesses for the increased energy savings and positive effects on the environment, but the difficulty and cost of installing those panels turns many entrepreneurs away. Similarly, contractors sometimes face great challenges in installing racking units that overcome the topography and achieve the greatest possible energy output without breaking the bank for the companies installing them.

These are some of the most difficult factors your solar racking unit needs to overcome:

  1. Topography. It can be extremely difficult to install a solar racking unit on undulating, inconsistent terrain, and unknown elements in soil can create challenges for foundation design and installation. . Fortunately, recent technological advancements in pull testing analysis have allowed for more accurate foundation design in even the least accommodating terrain.
  2. Field Layout. In order to achieve maximum efficiency developers need to fit as many racks as possible into a small space. That’s a difficult feat to achieve when a field layout adopts a triangular pattern, or irregular spaces that disallow contiguous alignment. Modular racking systems with field layout flexibility are key for these type of difficult layouts.
  3. Environmental Considerations Some areas experience very high snow loads, or high wind speeds that test the stability of solar racking systems.. If you’re going to overcome this element, you’ll need high-quality racks that can stand up to the elements over time and are backed by structural analysis and testing.
  4. Installation Speed. The longer it takes to install a product, the more it costs and the longer it takes to start reaping the benefits. Contractors often face tight deadlines, and require solar racks that are much faster to install.
  5. Installation Quality. Complicated racks also become vulnerable to improper installation, which can negatively affect the durability and efficiency of the final installed unit. The simpler a rack is to install, the better.

At Solar FlexRack, we work hard to make products that overcome the challenges of installation and minimize installation costs for businesses and contractors. If you’re interested in learning more about our products and how each one pushes the limits of possibility for the industry, check out our products page!

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