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The Advantages of Onsite Service in Solar Panel Installation

Solar FlexRack is known for its innovative solar racking and mounting solutions, such as our unique ground mounts and solar trackers, but no matter what type of installations you choose to go with, we want to make sure your project is executed smoothly.

There’s more that goes into a project than just equipment. You need to make sure your team is adequately prepared, trained, and ready for the unique challenges of your jobsite. Every jobsite and every project is completely unique, so it pays to have an expert on-hand to deal with unknown situations and prepare your team for an expert execution.

For example, if you’re trying to install a ground unit on irregular terrain, you’ll need someone with experience in irregular terrain installations to make sure the installation goes smoothly. Otherwise, your project could fall victim to inefficient or improper installation practices, and your solar panels’ efficiency could suffer as a result.

Instead, it’s better to hire an independent engineer to supervise your team and make sure the jobsite is up to your standards. At Solar FlexRack, we have the trained engineers and field technicians necessary to make sure an installation a reality. Whether you’ve bought our patented racking and mounting units or not, we’re here to ensure the success of your project.

Take a look at our work on the Sierra Nevada Cheese Company’s installation site. With a triangular-shaped jobsite and several different levels of terrain, the project was highly unconventional and demanded a careful attention to detail in order to maximize the installation efficiency. Our field technicians supervised the successful project, which is now resulting in 468,994 kWh of annual power generation, which offsets 50 percent of the company’s energy needs.

If you’re preparing to install solar panels at your next jobsite, contact Solar FlexRack today to learn how our experts can make your project more successful.

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