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The Growing Presence of Solar Energy

Every year, solar energy becomes more and more popular as an alternative source of energy. According to Statistic Brain, the capacity of global solar energy is increasing at an average rate of 102% every year. And while Germany utilizes the most solar energy, with an estimated 9,785 MW of solar panel systems installed, the United States is slowly increasing its own solar power, with an estimated 1,650 MW of solar energy panels installed throughout the nation, installed with everything from solar panel roof mounts to ground mounted solar panels.

One of the most frequently discussed benefits of solar panel mounting systems is the reduced impact solar power has on the environment. Currently, an estimated 35 million tons of carbon dioxide are saved every year by the solar panel mounting systems currently in operation. One kW of energy produced by solar panels prevents as much as 300 lbs of CO2 from being emitted into the atmosphere, preventing significant amounts of environmental damage.

However, solar panel mounting systems also create a number of advantages for the home or business owner who installs them: in addition to reducing emissions and decreasing damage to the environment, solar panels can reduce the energy costs significantly. Additionally, because the electricity bills of the home or business are cheaper, having some form of solar panel mounting system can increase the value of the home or business itself.

Studies show that in order to completely power the earth, only an estimated 0.0005% of it would need to be covered by solar panels. As consumers become more familiar with solar panels and they become easier to mass produce, the energy industry will gradually transition to a system more dependent on solar-generated energy than other forms.

At Solar FlexRack, we’re excited and dedicated to maximizing the cost- and labor-efficiency of solar panel installations, with our uniquely engineered solar racking and mounting units. Using our flexible, unfolding designs, solar panel installers can save hours of work and hundreds or thousands of dollars—all while maximizing the energy generating potential of the solar panels themselves.

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