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The Pros and Cons of Solar Tracker Systems

Solar trackers are a high-efficiency alternative to traditional, static solar racking and mounting units. Rather than remaining in one fixed position throughout the day solar trackers adjust themselves to follow the sun’s position throughout the sky, capturing a higher percentage of solar energy that can be converted into electricity. Single-axis and dual-axis trackers offer different degrees of complexity and efficiency, but all solar trackers adhere to this basic function.

That being said, solar trackers don’t universally offer the same increase in efficiency. While they can increase energy output by 20 percent or more , they’re more valuable in some locations than others—because they offer maximum efficiency gains where full direct sunlight is available. Geographic locations with limited full sunlight or obstructive weather may not see the same benefits.

So what exactly are the pros and cons of installing a solar tracker system?


  • Increased energy output means you’ll get far greater electricity production for each panel you install on your jobsite. The return on your investment increases sharply.
  • Increased efficiency means you’ll be able to make more use of the space you have. For jobsites with limited installation space looking to maximize power output, this is critical.


  • Initial costs are slightly higher. Depending on the nature and size of the job, using solar trackers instead of conventional stationary mounting units will add a small percentage to your total project costs. The flip side to this is that the higher energy output will eventually make up for this initial investment.
  • The presence of moving parts demands greater maintenance. However, the sophistication of modern solar trackers is such that maintenance demands are far less of an issue than they used to be.

Ultimately, solar trackers offer significant benefits over fixed-position solar racking units in certain geographic locations. Every jobsite is different, with different environmental considerations and different needs, but it’s almost always worth considering how a Solar FlexRack tracker might increase your bottom-line energy output. If you’re looking for more information about Solar FlexRack or how our solar tracker maximizes energy output,

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