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This New Coating Could Allow Solar Panels To Convert Sunlight From Any Angle

This New Coating Could Allow Solar Panels to Convert Sunlight From Any Angle

The search for ever-increasing efficiency in Solar panels continues apace.  Innovations like the Solar FlexRack TDP  Tracker are currently available to help improve efficiency – significantly  in certain circumstances. As a moving rack (that allows solar panels to “track” the sun throughout the sky), solar trackers increase the average energy generated by solar panels and reduce the  installation space needed.  Now, a new kind of coating has been developed to mimic that effect on a smaller, microscopic scale, allowing every solar panel to become that much more efficient.

The coating is a type of glass, which covers the basic photovoltaic cells of a solar panel and refracts incoming  light  so that light rays coming from a wide range of angles can be captured with maximum efficiency. Individual cell efficiency can see a boost of 5.2 to 27.7 percent, and over the long term the new glass  can yield 46 percent more energy than earlier  of solar cell designs. Much research has been done on existing solar arrays to maximize energy yield based on optimum orientation,  but this new coating would significantly reduce the effect of mis-alignment. As an added bonus, the glass coating can prevent the accumulation of dust and dirt on solar cells, increasing the productivity and longevity of the panels themselves.

This new coating will make solar panels more cost efficient, more practical, and with higher yields of energy in the long term. In combination with a racking and mounting unit like Solar FlexRack’s TDP Solar Tracker, that efficiency and practicality can increase even further. Stay tuned to the Solar FlexRack blog for more of the latest industry developments.

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