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Two Reasons Why More Companies Are Using Solar Power

Last year, even The White House committed to environmentally friendly or eco-friendly practices, calling in solar panel installers to place the energy-efficient rooftop devices. “The project will help demonstrate that historic buildings can incorporate solar energy and energy efficiency upgrades,” a White House representative said. This is not the first time The White House has used solar panels. “Jimmy Carter had solar panels installed during his presidency in the late 1970s, during the oil crisis. But his successor Ronald Reagan had them removed,” Discovery News explains.

Businesses — large and small — can learn something from the president’s decision to install solar panels. How can businesses and commercial operations similarly benefit from using solar power and solar power systems?

Solar Panels Reduce Energy Costs

The installation process, solar panel mounts, and solar panel tracking systems may vary slightly (or more than slightly) all around the world. One thing remains true no matter where you are: using solar panels and mounting solar panels onto commercial buildings saves significant amounts of money. Nationwide, solar panels have shown significant increase in ROI turnaround time and through the first half of 2014, 53% of all new electric capacity installed was generated from solar.

Improve Your Company Image

One of the obvious benefits of solar panels and solar power systems is reducing emissions and companies’ carbon footprints. Lowering emissions doesn’t just mean doing so for your company’s peace of mind — it is also a great way to improve company image. More and more Americans are becoming conscious of the environment. Customers are asking for paperless bills, for example, and other, environmentally friendly alternatives. Using solar panels sends the message that your company cares — and that is a positive message to send.

Whether you choose ground or roof-mounted solar panels — and whether or not you purchase solar panel tracking systems — opting to use solar energy will come with immediate and tangible benefits, like reduced costs and a better company image.


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