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Ways To Reduce Labor Costs On The Job Site

For installers and project managers, there are a variety of costs to be dealt with on job sites. A lot of contractors are responsible for fitting tight layouts, intense labor and using many different machines, tools, equipment and other items in order to get certain projects completed in a timely fashion. Unfortunately, it takes a good amount of time and money to successfully plan and execute turnkey solar projects on schedule. However, specific cost-effective measures can be taken to relieve some of the stresses that come along with maintaining a job site and can be achieved with a handful of labor-saving tactics.

Take Advantage of Advanced Engineering

Technology has come a long way in the last few decades. Installations that once required several hours and groups of laborers now can be done with less workers in less than half the time. Seeking a solar panel mount designed with the latest in advanced engineering can allow your workers to complete the installation much faster.

Develop a Repeatable System

Maximize your efficiency by developing an installation plan that is reliable and repeatable. Work with your contractors to keep an efficient process that can be repeated and reutilized no matter what environment or job site comes up.

Use Reliable Products

Solid, flexible mounts like the Solar FlexRack ground mount and roof mount, are designed to easily accommodate new environments while preserving an intuitive and simple installation pattern. You avoid the hassle of inferior, unreliable products and end up saving time in the long run.

Fortunately, there are inexpensive alternatives to help reduce costs for contract workers and project managers on all kinds of properties. Solar panels are among the most popular choices due to their simplicity and environmentally friendly features, but without a plan for labor efficiency, you could end up spending more money. Implement these strategies in your installation process and you’ll save time and money.


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