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Why Solar Power Will Be Even Cheaper by 2017

Solar energy is one of the best all-around forms of power generation; it’s clean, it’s efficient, it’s renewable, and it doesn’t put a burden on our environment. Unfortunately, it’s also been an expensive solution, prohibiting many businesses and residents from drawing upon it for their energy needs. Solar power has gotten cheaper over time, especially with the addition of cost-saving solar racking and solar mounting units, but costs are still excessive for many potential users.

There is good news on the horizon, however; solar energy costs are about to reduce even further over the next two years.

According to The International Renewable Energy Agency, solar costs are going to fall drastically in the next few years as it becomes more competitive with more commonly used non-renewable energy production types, like fossil fuels. Already, the costs of installing and sustaining solar power systems are at a record low, and prices are only going to drop as new technologies emerge to raise efficiency. Processing costs are dropping, polysilicon costs are dropping, and because solar technology’s efficiency increases over time, the cost to generate each Watt of electricity also drops with each new generation.

As solar power becomes more efficient and most cost-effective, it will continue seeing an upward trend in consumer adoption. That means our world will see cleaner, more efficient, more reliable energy generation in the years to come.

How Solar FlexRack Is Helping

While Solar FlexRack can’t take credit for the economic and political factors responsible for some of the price drops in solar energy processing, our racking and mounting structures do play a significant role in keeping solar energy cost-effective. Products like our solar tracker actually increase the amount of energy a single solar panel can generate, and the latest flexible, easy-to-install solutions from the minds of our brilliant engineers help ensure that installing a solar energy system is as inexpensive as possible.

As user adoption of solar energy continues to rise, we’ll continue doing everything we can to maximize the efficiency of solar panels and ensure cost-efficient operations.

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